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Woman getting a root canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment in Richmond, BC

Call Bayview Dental today to learn more about root canal treatment in Richmond.

Professional Root Canal Treatment in Richmond

Connect with Bayview Dental if you are experiencing pain, swelling or other signs of a dental infection. Our compassionate dental staff provides tooth-saving root canal treatment in Richmond. We assist our patients in regaining control of their oral health. Endodontic procedures including dental root canals and root amputation may be required if the soft tissue inside the tooth becomes diseased or decayed.

Demonstration of root canal treatment

What Is a Root Canal?

Root canal therapy is a procedure that our dentists use to repair and preserve teeth that have become badly decayed, diseased or damaged. We use this treatment to assist our patients to maintain their smiles by preventing tooth loss. During your root canal treatment, our dentist will remove the damaged nerve and pulp from the interior of the tooth, followed by cleaning and sealing the tooth. Finally, a dental crown is used to restore the tooth's natural strength, function and look.

Woman in tooth pain talking with dentist

Do I Really Need a Root Canal?

If you have the following signs and symptoms of infection, you may need a root canal:


  • When eating and chewing, you may experience pain.

  • Temperature or pressure sensitivity that persists.

  • An abscess in the teeth or gums.

  • Discoloration or darkening of the teeth.

  • Gums that are tender, swollen, or puffy near the affected tooth.


Contact our dentist and the Bayview Dental team if you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms. It is vital to get root canal treatment as soon as possible to reduce discomfort and restore your dental health.

Does Root Canal Treatment Hurt?

No, a root canal is usually no more painful than a cavity filling or other routine dental operation. Root canal treatments are performed by our staff in a safe and compassionate manner. We provide sedation and comfort aids to make your visit as restful and comfortable as possible.

Person getting a root canal treatment

Looking for a Reliable Endodontist for Root Canal?

At Bayview Dental, we specialize in providing all kinds of root canal surgery solutions.

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