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Test Drive Your Smile

1. Digital Scan

Your first step is to come in for your dental scan to get a digital image of your teeth

2. Custom Smile Creation

Using the digital impressions, we create a 3D replica of your dream smile

3. Test Drive Your Smile

You get to test drive your smile and see the results in real life

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Test Drive Your Smile in Richmond

Have you ever wondered what the perfect smile would look like and how it might make you feel? With our new digital technology, we can turn this thought into a reality so you can see exactly how you will look once your Hollywood Smile makeover is complete!

How To Test Drive Your Smile

We will start the process by scanning your mouth and producing an image of the teeth and gums. We also take photos of your face from different angles so we can understand your smile and the type of treatment you might need. Then we’ll sit down and customize your perfect smile!

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The Benefits of a Test Drive

When you Test-Drive Your Smile, you are creating a smile that will bring a newfound confidence into your life. You’ll feel wonderful knowing the results you can expect and will feel enthusiastic about your treatment.

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